What is credit?

Credit is defined as the capability to utilize Alva for querying purposes. Each inquiry submitted to Alva results in the deduction of one credit from the user's account. Users receive 10 complimentary credits daily. These credits are replenished every 24 hours and are not cumulative.

How can I earn more credits?

  • Refer Your friends

    Encourage your friends to register and download the Alva extension. Upon successful registration and download by both parties, each of you will receive 10 permanent credits.

  • Content sharing

    If others are interested in the Alva content you share and register through your Alva content sharing link, followed by downloading the Alva extension, both parties will receive 10 permanent credits.

  • Provide feedback

    You can also get an additional 20-50 credits by writing reviews and ratings on the Chrome Web Store and sending screenshots to the designated Discord Channel.

  • Stay tuned on Discord & Twitter—we have ongoing campaigns for you to earn credits!

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