📊Trading Signal

The Alva Trading Insight Tab provides AI-based analysis of bullish, bearish, and neutral signals, aiding traders in making informed decisions using our self-built knowledge base.

The Trading Insight Tab provides analysis of signals in the following dimensions:

  • Narrative

    • Examine recent sector and project performance to predict market direction.

    Business Data

    • Detail performance data such as TVL, fees, revenue, transactions, and UAW, establishing a quantitative foundation for bullish or bearish signals.

  • News & Events

    Leverage AI to condense and interpret significant news and events, determining their impact on the market.

  • Social Sentiments

    Capture and evaluates discussions from social media, assessing public sentiment to predict market movements.

  • Anomalies

    Identify abnormal changes in market transaction data over the past three days for potential market adjustments.

  • MACD

    Present real-time Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicators from exchanges, analyzing trend reversals or continuations.

  • CRSI

    Feature real-time exchange data for the Connors RSI (Relative Strength Index), using it to confirm overbought or oversold conditions.

  • Onchain Data

    Track token holder number and Gini Coefficient, analyzing investor confidence and token allocation.

➡ïļ How can I trigger the Trading Insight tab?

  • Click the Trading Insight button on the widget

  • If you've opened the profile card, click the Trading Insight button at the bottom.

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